Can You Hear Them Calling?

"The 46ers" is a new documentary film from young filmmaker Blake Cortright, director of "The First Encampment" (2010). 

The film seeks to discover what transforms ordinary men and women into the legendary 46ers. The project began in the summer of 2012 when Blake took in the commanding view from the lofty summit of Mt. Marcy, NY's tallest mountain. 

Over the last year, the filmmakers interviewed over twenty 46ers and aspiring 46ers, hiked over 100 miles, and filmed over 100 hours of footage. The crew summited several High Peaks and many shorter hills carrying camera gear to capture some breathtaking scenes. The mountains make an incredibly vast backdrop for the film; they provide a sense of scale and wonder.  

So the question remains...Can you hear them calling? 

Check out the new official trailer!