There are so many incredible people who have helped us, supported, and encouraged us along the journey and we couldn't have gotten started without them!  

  • We would like to extend a big thank you to Carl Heilman II for allowing us to use his phenomenal landscape shots of the Adirondacks to promote the project when we were just getting started. These images were featured on our original site and marketing material, including our Kickstarter video, and helped demonstrate the intended quality of the final product. Thank you Mr. Heilman! 
  • We would like to thank Dan Berggren for allowing the use of his music in our promotional content. 
  • We would like to thank Jovic Design for developing our original logo last year and Makhomai Films for the updated logo and for the poster design.
  • The narration for the original announcement trailer was provided by John Kearney.

I would also like to thank everyone on the crew who worked so hard to make this vision a reality! 
- Director Blake Cortright