Director - Blake Cortright

Blake’s passion for telling stories through film began while watching “The Ten Commandments” at age five. Impressed by the grand, sweeping cinematography, it still influences his work today. A talented and aspiring filmmaker, Blake is currently a student at Regent University studying Film and Television. 

His love for the outdoors was also kindled early on. Since childhood, Blake has spent a week every summer at Silver Bay, New York State’s premier YMCA camp, located on the shores of Lake George in the southern Adirondacks. It was here Blake did his first simple hikes, which stirred his love for the mountains. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 14. 

In 2010, while still in high school, Blake produced The First Encampment, a feature-length documentary on the first Boy Scout camp in America, located at Silver Bay. It aired on PBS television stations across upstate New York and was released on DVD, receiving much acclaim from scouts and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Blake went on to intern at a PBS-affiliated station where he was a crew member for several other documentaries.

Working on “The 46ers” has given Blake the opportunity to hike a number of the Adirondack high peaks himself, and he is well on his way to joining the ranks of the 46ers. 

In 2012, Blake founded Arche Productions LLC, a professional videography company specializing in “bringing your vision to life through high-quality video productions”. When not making movies, he can be found watching them, hiking, or camping, or shooting still photography and weddings for his valued clients.