Questions one-two: When can I see the documentary? // How can I get a DVD?

After 3 months of public screenings in theaters around NY State, the film is now being turned over to WCNY - PBS station out of Syracuse NY for television distribution.  They will be our Presenting Station to get The 46ers Film distributed on PBS affiliates. They have agreements with stations across NY State for distribution, possibly some time in 2017. They are also working towards a national distribution.
During this time, while the film makes its run on TV via PBS, all DVD sales will be handled through WCNY, or affiliate PBS stations that may decide to offer the DVD during fund raising campaigns.  Any questions regarding the films distribution schedule and future DVD availability can be made to WCNY.  Their CEO had mentioned at our screening in Syracuse that you can sign up for their "E-guide" from their website at and be kept informed of program up dates.  That's as much as we know right now.  Once we have more details we will post on our website and on our Facebook page.


The 46ers Production Team

Question three: What is the project about?

"The 46ers" is a documentary feature about the men and women who hike all of the 46 High Peaks (over 4,000 ft elevation) in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY. The filmmakers set out to answer the question, "what transformers ordinary men and women into the legendary mountaineers known as the 46ers?"

Question four: Why "The 46ers"?

The idea for the project came about in July, 2012 when director Blake Cortright summited Mt. Marcy, New York's tallest mountain. As he took in the surrounding view, he was amazed that this area hadn't been given better cinematic treatment. After an exhausting weekend hiking Marcy, Tabletop, and Wright Peak, Blake began to ask "why do people do this?" That started the idea for the project.

Question five: Why the title change?

About a year later, after the project had been successfully funded on Kickstarter and much of the film had been shot, a decision had to be made about the title. Originally, the working title for the film was "The 46ers: Conquering the Adirondacks." However, after spending a year interviewing folks and hiking with 46ers, the crew felt that the original line "Conquering the Adirondacks," did not truly reflect the spirit of the people who hike the Adirondack Peaks, nor did it convey the heart of the story - transformation.  So the decision was made to simply call the film "The 46ers."